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As your board member, I will continue to ask important questions and push for student opportunities, growth,
and learning.

-Karen Mikolainis

Elected to the Whitnall School Board in 2019

Parent of three 
Whitnall students

Hales Corners homeowner since 1999

Actively participates at board meetings

Committed to improving student achievement

I am against mask mandates and CRT

Focused on
Student Achievement

Karen Mikolainis

Jason Craig

Vote April 5

Dear Whitnall Community Members,


As a parent of three students and long-time resident of Hales Corners, I have been interested in the Whitnall School District for years. I put myself out there in 2019 as a candidate who supports a culture of excellence, financial responsibility, great teachers, and parent involvement in our schools. I am honored that Whitnall voters chose me as your board representative for the past three years.

I have done my best to serve in the best interests of Whitnall students and families, including working to keep Whitnall schools open for learning during the pandemic, supporting parents' rights and choices for their children's education, pushing for transparency and accountability, and most importantly, focusing on student growth and achievement. It is my honor and privilege to work for you.

I am recommending *Jason Craig* (click for info) as the best candidate for the second Board seat. Jason and I are both committed to increasing student achievement, transparency, and accountability. We both oppose critical race theory (CRT). We support parents' rights and involvement in their children's education.

Jason and I are asking for your votes on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, so that we can stand up for Whitnall students and families. We must do the hard work to restore the Whitnall school district's student achievement, reading and math proficiency levels, and college- and career-readiness.

Please take a look at this website for more information about the important issues,  and how you can get involved and help the kids in our community receive an education that serves them for life.


Thank you for your continued support. 

Karen Mikolainis


P.S.  For campaign updates and more information about my views and the 2022 elections, please subscribe to my newsletter.  Let's stay in touch!


Karen Mikolainis - 414-525-0813 -
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