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As a current Whitnall board member, my highest priority is supporting and pushing for growth in our district's student achievement. As seen in the November 8, 2021 school board meeting presentation on student achievement, Whitnall's scores have been declining dramatically in the past five years. The board and administration must improve the district's performance, and this concern must be top of mind at all times.  As your board member, raising student achievement in all subjects and grade levels is my highest priority . 

See Whitnall's November 8, 2021 student achievement presentation (linked)

Whitnall School District Percent Proficient and Advanced / College Ready and Exceeding

3rd Grade English Language Arts ----- 48%
8th Grade Mathematics ----- 30.9%
9th and 10th Grade English Language Arts ----- 39.6%
9th and 10th Grade Mathematics ----- 32.7%

11th Grade ACT Average Composite Score ----- 18.6
11th Grade ACT English Language Arts ----- 28.6% college and career ready

11th Grade ACT Mathematics ----- 23% college and career ready

struggling student 2.jpeg

Very few students score as proficient or advanced. We must
do better.

Members of the Whitnall School Board are directly accountable to the community for this disappointing performance. We must do better. Student achievement must be the #1 focus of all board members. Without strong leadership and advocacy for LEARNING, the district will take its eye off the prize and our community risks losing its historic reputation as a strong and high-performing district. Members of the Whitnall community, please make Whitnall board members aware that you expect better for our children.

Although Whitnall students' rates of reading and math proficiency have been falling, the Whitnall school district, Hales Corners Elementary, Whitnall Middle School and Whitnall High School still rated as "Exceeds 
Expectations" on the Wisconsin DPI schools report card, and Edgerton Elementary received a "Significantly Exceeds Expectations" rating.  It should be noted that DPI lowered the bottom scores for "Exceeds Expectations" and Whitnall Middle School (71.5) and Whitnall High School (70.1) would have fallen into the "Meets Expectations" category had DPI not lowered their standards. 

I am committed to accountability for the Whitnall school district's student achievement.  The Board and constituents need to hear more specifics from the administration in GREAT DETAIL about exactly how Whitnall will improve its teaching and learning and student outcomes.  Generalities are insufficient.

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